The Junior League of Huntsville is governed by the following two internal leadership entities: a Board of Directors chaired by the President and a Management Team chaired by the Executive Vice President. The Board of Directors has the authority for general governance of the Junior League of Huntsville and works to align the League with its mission and vision. The Management Team is responsible for oversight of the day to day operations and management of the Junior League of Huntsville.

Board of Directors 2017-2018

Nancy W. Vaughn
President Elect
Anne Vasile
Becky Winters
Becky Harris
Sustainer Director
Shelley DeLay
Executive Vice President
Ronda Shickles
Member at Large
Lauren Battle
Member at Large
Amy Jones
Nominating Chair
Audra Lockwood

Management Team 2017-2018

Executive Vice President
Ronda Shickles
Executive Vice President Elect
Beth Zinn
Communications Vice President
Kaitlynn Roark
Communications Vice President Elect
Kate Moon
Community Vice President
Anne Wood
Fund Development Vice President
Stephanie Lowe
Fund Development Vice President Elect
Sarah Bedsole
Membership Vice President
Hayley Lamberth
Membership Vice President Elect
Megan Fulton
Treasurer Elect
Susan Walker
Placement Chair
Meade Davis