One on One: Let’s Read

The One on One: Let’s Read initiative, in partnership with Huntsville Housing Authority, was created in 2016 in response to a rezoning of Title 1 school students to higher performing elementary schools within the City of Huntsville.  This transition created an opportunity for our volunteers to provide literacy resources to those residing in rezoned communities.

The One on One: Let’s Read program is unique because it focuses on the entire family by providing literacy resources for children as well as encouraging and supporting parental involvement.  The goal is to improve reading skills and to foster a love of reading by providing literacy resources that may otherwise be unavailable. Family Literacy Nights are held on a bi-monthly basis within a Huntsville Housing Authority community to provide youth and adult programming aimed at literacy and to build relationships within the community.

In its initial year, One on One: Let’s Read served approximately 100 families, distributed roughly 900 books throughout the school year, and supplied 130 workbooks to help prevent the summer slide, the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year.

On May 24, 2017, the One on One: Let’s Read initiative was announced as a semi-finalist in the #SummitGivesBack campaign sponsored by the Community Foundation of Huntsville. The general public was able to vote for this initiative once daily online through midnight on July 31, 2017.