Community Assistance Grant Application

The Junior League of Huntsville is excited to announce the opening of its Community Assistance Grants application process!
The Junior League of Huntsville (JLH) places trained volunteers with selected community partners in support of our current Impact Area, Improving Family Literacy.  Each year, the JLH reviews, accepts, and adopts new placements to begin the following July. Final placement determinations are voted on by the JLH membership and are based on JLH’s mission, impact area, measurable community impact, membership interest, and available JLH resources.

JLH placements typically run from June through May and require between 20-50 hours of a JLH volunteer’s time over the course of the JLH fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). A typical placement consists of 8-20 volunteers organized by a committee chair and co-chair. The majority of our volunteers are working professionals and prefer evening and weekend hours, although daytime volunteers are also available. JLH volunteers seek opportunities that are fulfilling, allow flexibility in their schedule and provide skill-specific training. Members are seeking more task-completion type projects that might require a few months of planning and 1-2 days to implement. Ultimately, the goal is to match our volunteers with unique, fulfilling volunteer opportunities that allow a measurable impact in Madison County communities and in our current Impact Area.

JLH provides both volunteers and funding to community partners. A community partner may receive volunteers only or may receive a combination of volunteers and funding based on the needs of the specific program and the goals of JLH relative to the program.

 The application window is open November 27 through January 5. Please download a Community Assistance Grants application here.